While I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  I went in to see Dr. Doreo because I was still having problems with diabetes after the birth of my daughter 5 months later and my regular diabetes doctor wants to put me on a prescription diabetes drug once I am finished nursing.  I was extremely tired, both mentally and physically, had gained 15lbs and was losing a significant amount of hair daily.  I felt as if I was slowly falling apart from the inside out.  I was really concerned about the hair loss and had asked my diabetes doctor about it and she replied “If you’re not losing your eyebrows, you don’t need to be concerned about it.  It is just after pregnancy hair loss.”   I had asked around to a few of my fellow mothers about the hair loss and they too had lost hair so I attributed the hair loss and fatigue to having a child.

I brought my blood work for the last year to my first visit to Dr. Doreo, I never considered anything was wrong with my thyroid because the lab results said it was in normal range.  It was low on the scale of normal, but within the normal range.  One of the first questions that Dr. D asked me was if I was concerned about the hair loss I had in the front of my head.  I was shocked and surprised by this and replied ecstatically “YES!!! But no one else seems to be.”  After examination, her diagnosis was my pituitary glad was not working properly thus causing problems with the pancreas and thyroid.  Her orders were to eliminate all wheat/gluten, dairy, no beef or pork, follow the blood type diet, and take a pituitary supplement. 

Her recommendations worked like magic!  I hadn’t felt this good in 10 years. Within the first 5 days, the hair loss stopped.  By the end of the first two weeks, my energy increased dramatically, had better concentration, loss 6 lbs, and my skin wasn’t even as oily as it had been my whole adult life.  My pituitary gland had repaired itself and I did not need the pituitary supplement any longer and was changed to a thyroid supplement.

It has now been 2 months, I have lost an additional 5 lbs, I feel better than I ever have and can keep up with my 7 month old.  For the first time ever in my adult life, I feel “Healthy.” 


Dog Success Stories

I have a little Shihtzu, 8 years old, named Hamish.  He's had some periodic throwing up after eating grass over the past few years but never been ill a day in his life.  Then, one morning, he was obviously in great pain and sitting very still.  I took him to the vet and he was given a prednisone injection for what the vet thought might be a back problem, although nothing definitive showed up in any of the tests.  He was sent home with prednisone, a painkiller and antibiotics.  My vet cautioned me not to take him to the chiropractor and told me that a chiropractic could maim him.  Hamish only worsens over the next few days until he couldn't sleep and fell over when he tried to walk.  I took him back to the vet and was told that his possible back problem could worsen to the point of severing his spinal cord, with possible paralysis.  As the vet suggested, Hamish was hospitalized in the vet's office for 4 days during which time he was given the prednisone and pain killers and kept immobile "so his back could heal." 

When I brought him home, I continued giving him these drugs as my vet instructed.  He soon worsened even more.  He couldn't sleep, became very weak, would cry quietly in pain, and then refused to eat.  I was in agony for him; nothing I could do would end his pain!  I personally couldn't sleep and developed digestive trouble with my worry for him.  The day came when Hamish quit drinking water and I knew he had given up.  I forced water down him with a dropper but told my friend, Sheree, that I knew the time had come to put Hamish down.  Sheree was horrified and begged me to take him to Dr. Doreo.  As she said, I had nothing to lose at that point.  So, I went against the vet's instruction and brought him to Dr. Doreo, knowing nothing could be done for Hamish at this late stage. 

Dr. Doreo examined Hamish and told me his digestive tract was in severe distress, which had probably caused his back to go out initially.  She knew exactly what to do!  She adjusted him, gave him a nutritional product to reduce the inflammation, and sent me straight over to an Alternative Medicine vet.  Hamish received acupuncture for his pain and he was taken off the other vet’s medications.  Dr. Doreo had me feed him the anti-inflammation product through a dropper with increased doses of water throughout that day.

By the following day, Hamish was better and began drinking water on his own!  Dr. Doreo increased his nutritional program and he returned to the new vet for more acupuncture.  Hamish returned to eating by himself on the third day.  Within a week he needed no more acupuncture and had no more pain.  Dr. Doreo gave Hamish regular adjustments and instructed me on what foods to feed him, and when.  It was an uphill climb from there.  Hamish continued to improve!

Within 3 weeks, Dr. Doreo started Hamish slowly back on dog food.  Interestingly, she tested him on his usual kibbles and found that this brand was not good for him and made him weak.  I started buying this brand a few years ago - about the time he started throwing up after eating grass.  Dr. Doreo helped me locate a brand of food that made Hamish strong.  His blood work was redone and his liver stayed distressed for 3 months from the effects of prednisone.  During this time, he remained on the inflammation product and was also put on a liver cleansing product.  His adjustments with Dr. Doreo continued to improve (he had less and less bones out) as his body improved.  He got better and better until his last adjustment found no bones out of place at all.  He was released from Dr. Doreo's care and goes back once a month for a "tune up."  He is on the correct food now and is happy and full of energy.  He hasn't eaten grass and thrown up even one time since.  I notice his personality has changed also – he is more relaxed and no longer objects to strangers.  I have my old Hamish back!

It took Dr. Doreo months to restore Hamish to good health.  She had to correct the damage done by the drugs before she could help him with his digestive tract.  I now regret having taken him the first vet who nearly killed him.  I'm so grateful to Dr. Doreo for saving his life.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is and how glad I am to find her.  I strongly urge anyone with a pet to seek the advice of Dr. Doreo in his or her pet's health care.  So much pain and suffering can be saved.  I did not believe it was possible for my Hamish to be alive and healthy today!  He’s a miracle.

I want to pass on 2 more pet stories...  A co-worker hit hard times and I offered to look after her little (now) 17-year-old Bijon Frise, Miki, until she could find another place to live that would allow dogs (which never happened).  Upon receiving Miki at my home, my heart fell to my feet at the state of him!  His hair was falling out, his skin was turning black, and he had open sores that oozed fluid and blood.  Yet amazingly, little Miki was in good spirit, he wagged his little tail and smiled a lot.

Dr. Doreo examined him and found he was riddled with infection.  She said not one internal part was not severely affected.  She told us this little dog was literally dying from the inside out.  His hair loss, skin color, and the sores were due to the extreme internal infection.  She put him on a simple program to kill the infection and clean him out.  She then put him on certain vitamins along the way to restore his organs and glands, and his overall health improved steadily.  Within 3 months, his hair had grown back, his skin turned pink again, and the sores were healed.  He saw Dr. Doreo on a regular basis and his energy and strength improved.  By the sixth month, his program had evolved to maintenance only.  Even the cataracts in his eyes have almost completely disappeared!  He is now in good condition and full of life.  He's a wonderful little dog!  Dr. Doreo is really a healer!


Horse Success Story

This is about my horse, Sidney.  He was a great jumper in his day but, as is often true with high performance horses, he was retired early with injuries and body problems, and abandoned.  Sidney’s personality won me over the minute I met him.  He is a young and playful horse in a broken body.  Over time, is health continued to deteriorate and he developed a persistent “shoe boil” (boil in his armpit - antibiotics were prescribed).  He had also developed so much soreness through his back that he'd become un-rideable months before.  Then, Sidney developed another boil on his face. 

I asked Dr. Doreo to come see Sidney.  She told me his immune system was so low, it was unable to protect him.  She told me his boils are simply remedied by restoring his immune system.  Without doing this, she said I could expect various other problems to develop with ever increasing vet bills.  She gave me a $30 nutritional product for Sidney which I gave him every day for 10 days. 

She also taught me a massage technique for him, to help him improve.  Sidney would actually lie down on the ground to get this massage, and he'd moan and groan with enjoyment!  It was quite a spectacle at the barn.  He loved it and people would gather to watch in disbelief.

His boils disappeared, his coat became very shiny and beautiful, and his energy level went way up.  But the most wonderful thing is that his back soreness completely disappeared and I began to ride him again.  I never expected this to happen.  Thank you, Dr. Doreo.


Cat Success Stories

The first 2-year-old girl reportedly had non-stop diarrhea and her owner abandoned her after months of tests and treatments.  Allergies had been diagnosed but without success in locating exactly what she was allergic to.  Dr. Doreo knew the answer simply by looking at her.  She’s has a ginger colored coat.  Red headed people, and animals, tend to be allergic to anything related to cows.  Upon AK testing, Dr. Doreo found this kitty is indeed highly allergic to beef, beef by-products, and dairy.  She tested best for a diet of chicken and rice cat food, with some broccoli added.  Problem solved - it took about 10 minutes with AK testing.  This little girl is now doing brilliantly!  A family we know - single father with 3 older sons - fell in love with her and asked to take her.  They absolutely adore her.

Our second rescue was a 3-year-old, bi-color cream and white boy named Poncho.  His owner ordered him destroyed after the vet ran a lot of tests and diagnosed him with “behavior” problems.  The receptionist happened to walk in as the vet began to inject him with the fatal shot.  She stopped the vet and called me.  Poncho is reported to be grumpy and not consistently using his litter box for his owner.  When Dr. Doreo examined Poncho she said he was the worst case she’d seen in a cat – ever.  Most of his backbones were out of place, which could adversely affect many of the organs of his body.  But the worst misalignment was the top bone just under his skull.  This bone had been out so far, and for so long, that scar tissue had formed around it making it difficult for Dr. Doreo to adjust it back into place.  In our clinic, we refer to this bone as the “headache bone” because its misalignment can cause intense headaches and migraines.  Dr Doreo suspected Poncho’s headache bone was misaligned from birth, 3 years ago!  Can you imagine?  Dr. Doreo noted that a bad headache could disorient anyone, and make a person grumpy.  Poncho’s AK exam and chiropractic treatment took about 20 minutes total. 

Poncho’s response was instantaneous upon getting his first adjustment.  He’s probably never known what it feels like to be without headache pain, until that moment… and his sincere gratitude and loving appreciation toward Dr. Doreo was so moving, we had goose bumps helping her with his treatment.  Dr. Doreo arranged to take Poncho home with her for one week so she could monitor getting his bones to stably realign through the scar tissue.  Poncho proved to be a gentle, loving, and well-behaved cat with no litter box problem.  Dr. Doreo and her family bonded to him deeply, within days.  It’s hard to believe this wonderful cat could be euthanized.  After a week, Dr. Doreo couldn’t part with Poncho and adopted him herself!  He’s a sweet and stunningly beautiful cat - admired by all who visit her home.  The vet was pleasantly impressed by Poncho’s recovery and invited Dr. Doreo to help with a few other animal patients in his clinic.

Our third rescue was a 3.5-year-old, tiger colored boy in failing health.  The new addition of a baby to his owner’s family prompted them to get rid of him.  His owner reports their dog had begun “chewing on him” and he also doesn’t consistently use his litter box.  They no longer had time to deal with him.  This very affectionate kitty is missing teeth, had foul breath, and a very dull coat.  Dr. Doreo’s AK exam and treatment took about 15 minutes.  Dr. Doreo started him on a good internal cleansing program.  Within 3 weeks, his odor greatly improved and the odor in his litter box worsened!  His coat becomes silkier with each week.  He uses his litter box faithfully – and I would know, he now belongs to me!  He’s full of personality and affection, and it’s my great pleasure to have him. 

Incidentally, all 3 of our rescues came to us declawed.  Dr. Doreo strongly recommends avoiding this procedure and, instead, successfully training a cat not to scratch on furniture, etc.  The natural energy channels of the body wrap around the tips of the fingers and toes in humans and in animals.  These channels connect with internal body functions as well.  Interrupting this nerve flow by declawing not only causes the cat great pain with the procedure itself, but can also cause continuous nerve pain, tingling, numbness, and/or discomfort in their feet for the rest of their lives.  Their internal body function can be adversely affected, with the possibility of added costs in their health care thereafter. 

Dr. Doreo does work on declawed cats to help reduce their foot discomfort but the declawing procedure always causes irreparable damage to their feet.  Once severed, these energy channels will never flow correctly again.  Many people envision that only the claw itself is removed in “declawing” procedure, but this is not so.  The procedure involves the full amputation of the first digit, which contains the body’s mechanism for manufacturing the cat’s claw.